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SteelMiscellaneous Steel - Any magnetic ferrous metal free from trash and other non-metallic items. We buy all metals, but excessively dirty materials may be subject to weight deduction, or a deduction for tires.

CarsAutomobiles & Light Trucks - Any automobile 11 model years and newer must have title present for scrap. Any vehicle 12 model years and older may be sold without title, but seller must sign form MV1-SP and vehicle will be subject to lein check.

Copper #1Copper #1 - Unalloyed, clean, and uncoated copper in the form of clippings, punchings, bus bar, tubing, or wire. Must be free of any fittings or solder, and no paint, glue, glaze, or insulation remaining on any copper.

Copper #2Copper #2 - Mixed, unalloyed copper scrap. Soldered, painted, or zinc coated copper is allowed, but must be free of any bronze, brass, steel, and non-metallic waste.

Insulated CU Wire #1#1 Insulated Copper Wire - Combined thick strands of copper wire that insulated, such as Romex wire. Single strand must be 16 gauge or heavier.

Insulated CU Wire #2#2 Insulated Copper Wire - Extension Cords, Cat6, Cat5e, welding leads, and other thin strand copper wire that is insulated. If insulation were removed, it would be #2 Copper wire.

Christmas LightsChristmas lights - Any decorative light strand with copper wire.

Harness WireHarness Wire - Any copper wiring harness found in computers, automobiles, computers, or other electronics.

AL CU Radiator CoilsCopper-Aluminum Coils - Paperwork Required Copper tubes with aluminum fins. Heat exchangers commonly used in air conditioning and refrigeration units, but also may be found in automobiles, freezers, heater cores, and other machinery.

ACR Coil EndsCoil Ends - Paperwork Required Steel casings of Copper-Aluminum Coils when removed from the coil itself.

Electric MotorsElectric Motors - Electric motors free of excessive steel. Attached gearboxes or pumps may be subject to weight deduction.

StartersStarters - Any vehicle or heavy equipment starter. Must be free of any mounting brackets.

AlternatorsAlternators - Any vehicle or heavy equipment alternator. Must be free of excessive steel and mounting brackets. Older model vehicle generators are disqualified due to ferrous content, but may be purchased as an electric motor.

Brass - Clean YellowBrass - Clean Yellow - Brass solids such as rolled brass, castings, plate brass, faucets, tubing, light fixtures, and other miscellaneous yellow brass.

Brass ShellsBrass Shells - any non-metallic bullet casing that has been discharged. Must be free of any clips or belt fragments ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE ROUNDS PERMITTED.

Brass RadiatorsBrass Radiators - Radiators from older automobiles, heavy equipment, and truck tractors that consist of copper and yellow brass. Material must be free of any iron or plastic.

Brass Water MetersBrass Water Meters - Older brass water meters that have been removed from circulation.

AL Old SheetAluminum - Old Sheet - Cast or rolled aluminum with no steel, rubber, or plastic. Examples are baseball bats, cookware, and siding.

Used Beverage ContainersAluminum Cans - Used Beverage Containers that are free of tin, aluminum foil, bottle caps, plastic cans, glass, wood, trash, and any other non-metallic items. There are roughly 28 cans per pound.

AL BreakageAluminum Breakage - Foil scraps and other irony aluminum material that contains excessive iron, plastic, and other waste products. All dirty aluminum motor blocks, complete transmissions, lawn chairs with nylon or plastic, and venetian blinds are examples of aluminum breakage.

AL EC WireAluminum Wire - Stripped Hand stripped aluminum wire that is free from thin hair wire, iron, iron wire core, insulation, or any other non metallic items.

Insulated AL WireAluminum Wire - Insulated - Aluminum wire that contains iron or iron wire core, or insulation and other contaminants.

AL Radiators with PlasticAluminum Radiators with Plastic - Aluminum radiators from any vehicle or light equipment that contains a plastic end. Must be free from any iron.

Clean StainlessStainless - Clean - Stainless steel that contains no iron and is not magnetic. Stainless steel will not rust. If rust is present, it is considered scrap metal or iron.

Irony StainlessStainless - Irony - Stainless steel that may contain iron pieces but still must be largely non-magnetic.

Lawnmower BatteriesLawnmower Batteries - Lead-acid batteries from light lawn equipment.

Car BatteriesCar Batteries - Lead-acid batteries from cars, light trucks, and light marine applications.

Truck BatteriesTruck Batteries - Any lead-acid deep cycle or truck battery from heavy equipment or heavy marine application.

Golf Cart BatteriesGolf Cart Batteries - Any lead-acid golf cart battery.

Lead Wheel WeightsLead - Wheel Weights - Any lead wheel weights that are removed from automobile or truck wheels. A small iron content is allowed.

Soft LeadSoft Lead -Material that contains lead solids, such as radiation insulation, divers weights, fishing weights, or other soft lead. May not contain any iron, aluminum, brass, or other non-metallic items.

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